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From Professionals

“Ian’s knowledge and professional reassurance on the day and Helen’s parallel input at the school visit/via Report was invaluable in setting realistic expectations for all.” (Local authority professional after Joint work during mediation process) 

“There was a really positive buzz this afternoon after your visit as I feel we have finally got the help we have been asking for.” (Headteacher of a primary school)

“As a trainer, Ian is expert, enthusiastic and engaging. Thank you for the INSET day.” (SENCO of a primary school)

“Many thanks for the report and Precision Teaching file, both will be a huge help in helping [the pupil] move forward and transition to secondary school."


“You speak with the child’s best interests at heart and with great knowledge and sympathy for their difficulties. You are prepared to challenge professionals in a respectful way. I value your opinions.” (Colleague in Mental Health)

“Helen’s support has given me confidence at times when I have doubted that we can provide the needed support for students and she has given me a much greater understanding of my students’ difficulties..All involved with Helen come away from her input feeling that what she is suggesting is manageable and appropriate.. In managing the needs of our pupils Helen’s support has gone beyond what is offered by others.” (secondary school SENCO)


“Many thanks for [the recommendations and information] - it was really helpful to have at the meeting. It pointed out the progress that [the child] is making and lots of useful strategies to share with teachers and TA's.” (Primary school SENCO)

“Helen quickly grasps how a student thinks and operates in order to find the best way to work with them.  Helen is also great at working with families and helping school to maintain a positive relationship with home.  This undoubtedly impacts positively for the child and their future.” (secondary school SENCo)


“Thank you very much for this! I have saved the documents in [the pupil’s] file, and have also shared the report with the class staff and they can start to action things. A huge thank you all for your time and support with this!” (Primary school SENCO)

“Thank you so much for a fantastic staff meeting - it really was so informative and we were able to peg a lot of children today.” (primary school SENCO)

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your time this afternoon. Both [the intervention teacher] and I have found the discussion really helpful to formulate a plan for this term. “ (Primary school SENCO)


“Helen is a positive and engaged partner who always strives to go the extra mile to improve the lives of parent carers” (manager of local parent/carer support service)

Ian – thank you so much; this is really helpful.  I will have a good look at all these resources and links as they will be so helpful in making recommendations for young people with complex learning needs.Many thanks again for your detailed reply and the effort you have made to research this.  It is really appreciated." (Local Authority Educational Psychologist)


From Parents


‘Helen’s role is invaluable not only to the child but the parents. We had been experiencing huge difficulties in our sons primary schools understanding of his emotional, behavioural and diagnosis of ASD for a long time. Helen came into school and acted as a mediator between parents and school to help show how to manage our sons difficulties in the school environment. Her knowledge is invaluable to all parties involved . Helen has been a saviour to our family as without her involvement, support and guidance our life with a child with ASD would be very different. We cannot state enough how important Helens role is to ALL.’ (parent)


“Thank you so much for your help today, It was amazing to finally feel that the school are listening..” (parent)

"We are truly grateful for all your help and support. We both feel we can support A on his journey to secondary school, well equipped with the information needed to maximise the support that should/will be on offer to him.” (Parents of home-schooled child moving back into mainstream education)


“We are really grateful for your help and support which has undoubtedly made a huge difference to K’s comfort and confidence at school. She’s also re-engaged in a lot of extra-curricular activities.. and  is generally a much happier and more outgoing child. Thank you so much for helping us see the way forward and making such a positive difference to our family” (parent)

“We are very grateful to you…for the time, help and support you have given us. Thanks once again for your kindness, words of support and belief that for some children there are options other than school and not judging us on our decisions.” (Parent on making a difficult decision to move their child from mainstream school to home education)


“Thank you for supporting E. Unlike all the others that have assessed her, you took the time to talk to my daughter and understand her as an individual.” (Parent of home-schooled child)

“Many thanks for the report you completed on J and especially the clear guidance it contains for staff about how to help J manage her anxiety levels at school.” (parent)


“Thank you for your email…I’m sure G would be happy to work with you again…you managed to keep his attention and focus for ages so that was lovely to watch him engage with somebody…he felt really positive afterwards.” (Parent of a home-schooled child needing follow-on assessment and support)

“Hi Ian – firstly can I say thank you for providing such a full and considered response to my query, it is very much appreciated. You have provided a great deal of food for thought and I am positive the resources will be of great use to us.” (Parent asking for advice on choice of school)

“If you had not been there to believe and understand the real issues he was facing every day in mainstream I know the ‘dark place’ he was in would only have got deeper.  I could not have got through the last year in his primary without your support and coming in to witness our unbearable situation, attending meetings with the school and myself. To have someone who fully understands ASD and could back up my feelings, to support his needs… If you had not understood O for who he is I hate to think where he would be now.  Yes, we still have a difficult journey ahead, but we can finally dare to imagine. Thank you so much for getting us to here and believing in our son.”


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