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For Parents and Carers


Package 3

A comprehensive consultation to give a detailed profile of additional needs and support strategies.


What this package is for

This represents our most comprehensive consultation, featuring more time to talk through the issues, and more time with your child. The package would ideally suit those children especially 'stuck' in their life or learning, with additional needs that are likely to be significant. We may need time to fully unravel the situation, giving you opportunity for moving forwards based on our wide-ranging experience and sensible, practical advice.

Unravelling - additional input and time includes

  • Extended time with you (1 hour and 30 minutes) for full discussion about your child, strengths, weaknesses and immediate concerns

  • This will include a discussion about your child, strengths, weaknesses and immediate concerns

  • Specialist input to help you prioritise 'Here and now' strategies to improve the situation


Unpicking, teasing out the threads

  • Extended time with your child (1 hour and 30 minutes) to include formal and informal assessment, observations

  • A more thorough analysis of existing reports or perspectives (up to an hour) from school, settings or other professionals


Unravelled, unstuck

  • Findings, way forwards and next steps during a one-hour discussion

  • A full report (up to 6 pages), for you and others working with your child, outlining our perspectives

  • For very complex children and young people, we will provide specialist guidance on the need for further input that could add to the profile

£575 - see our prices for full details

Recommended optional extras

  • Further work, discussion or training with school or setting staff

  • Further work talking with other family members, explaining findings or discussing concerns

  • Follow-up video consultation to discuss ongoing progress

(Charged at hourly specialist rate​)

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