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For Parents and Carers


Package 2

A more in-depth consultation involving the child or young person.


What this package is for

Package 2 provides a more in-depth consultation, with you and your child. This is especially important if you feel their perceptions - the way they see things - may not match your own point of view. Direct time with your child also gives an opportunity for observation, and informal/formal assessment, where this is indicated.

Unravelling - the package includes

  • A (1 hour) consultation or professional discussion to unravel the issues….

  • This will include a discussion about your child, strengths, weaknesses and immediate concerns

  • Specialist input to help you prioritise 'Here and now' strategies to improve the situation


Unpicking, teasing out the threads

  • A (1 hour) session with the child or young person, including informal assessment and observations

  • Understanding the child or young person's perspective and priorities

  • Time (up to 30 minutes) to unpick existing reports or perspectives from schools, settings or other professionals


Unravelled, unstuck

  • Findings, way forwards and next steps during a (1 hour) discussion

  • A concise report (2 to 4 pages) for you and others working with your child

  • Specialist guidance on the need for further input that could add to the profile

£375 - see our prices for full details

Recommended optional extras

  • A more thorough analysis of existing reports, from school, settings or other professionals

  • A more detailed report if this is needed

  • Further work, discussion or training with school or setting staff

  • Follow-up video consultation to discuss ongoing progress


(Charged at hourly specialist rate​)

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