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For Parents and Carers


Package 1

Parent/Carer Video Consultation


What this package is for

This video-consultation is ideal if you need a professional discussion with us, to find a way forwards for your child.


(Please note that, since we speak with you as the parent or carer, it means advice will be based on your perceptions of the situation, which may or may not reflect how your child sees it. In that case, packages 2 or 3 - the in-depth and comprehensive consultations, respectively - feature direct work with your child, giving time for them to share their views, worries and aspirations.) 

Unravelling - the package includes

  • A (1 hour) consultation or professional discussion to unravel the issues...

  • This will include a discussion about your child, strengths, weaknesses and immediate concerns

  • Specialist input to help you prioritise 'Here and now' strategies to improve the situation 

  • A bullet-pointed list of strategies discussed, for your reference

  • Specialist guidance on the need for further input


£125 - see our prices for full details


Recommended optional extras

  • Follow-up video consultation to discuss ongoing progress

(Charged at hourly specialist rate​)

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