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For Parents and Carers


Optional Extras

Additional support

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All the following optional extras are charged at the specialist hourly rate. Please see our price list for details.



Follow-up review of progress

Carried out remotely for convenience, a follow-up review of progress builds on 'what's working' and gives an opportunity to share new or ongoing concerns, re-prioritising as needed. As good practice, we will always recommend a review of progress but understand it may not be necessary.

Detailed analysis of other professional reports

Where there has been considerable prior assessment, it can be particularly useful to review that information, comparing and contrasting findings to highlight persistent needs. In our experience, many reports can contain lots of scores, but few practical strategies. We can offer a careful analysis of observations and assessments, carried out by others, to inform a comprehensive profile of strengths, needs and corresponding support strategies. We can unpick and unravel the information, to help you identify which areas to work on first.

Write detailed Unravelled reports

Sometimes, you may need a more detailed report for a specific purpose, whether that is to support: someone with whom your child works - a SENCO, Teacher or Tutor etc; or to inform a diagnostic pathway, for example to diagnose autism, identify a learning difficulty in a wider sense, or as additional educational information comprising a child's statutory assessment. We can support by way of a more detailed report, helping decision-makers in reaching evidenced-based conclusions.

Work with others

Work to raise the awareness of your child's difficulty with a certain audience can be extremely important. This could be, for example:


  • Training one or more Teachers or Teaching Assistants, in everyday, classroom support strategies that they will find useful, with your child and others. We also help others to understand the rationale for those strategies.

  • Support others, for example Teachers or Teaching Assistants, to understand your child's needs.

  • Working with your child's wider family members, siblings for example, again to support everyone in understanding your child's needs.

We are also able to offer training to school staff and others, at any level, to support increased awareness. This can include a Question and Answer session, to explore solutions to specific scenarios or problems being experienced.

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