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For Professionals


What we can offer your School or Setting

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Typical activities

We are able to offer specialist guidance and practical support on themes within autism, language and learning - below are some examples:

Consultation/Question and Answer session face-to-face or via Microsoft Teams

This could be, for example:

  • A session about a particular child/young person or a small number of students (with necessary consent), to problem-solve and find a way forwards. 

  • A subject-specific session on an aspect of the curriculum, e.g. for supporting learning in numeracy, or revision and study skills for autistic young people.

  • Sessions can be whole-school, for a particular department or as necessary, as a focus of your school's development.


We offer a range of formal training - lasting from an hour to a day - covering basic awareness of autism, language or learning needs as well as specific topics such as the impact of anxiety on learning, or managing particular behaviours. 


As professionals that have worked locally, regionally and nationally, we can also develop bespoke training dependent on your setting's strengths and areas for development. Please feel free to contact us about your training requirements.


We can offer one-off or series of workshops: 

  • For Teachers, Teaching Assistants or other school staff.

  • On a relevant theme, for example supporting reading or using visual methods to support language, with practical tasks to complete and report back on.

  • For Parents/Carers, to raise their awareness and confidence in supporting needs.



Prices start from £80 for one hour's consultation/Question and Answer session. We will discuss pricing for bespoke training or other requests depending upon your requirements, with no obligation.

Pricing of individual work

Sometimes, either Ian or Helen will work individually, where this is necessary. This will be charged at a rate of between £40 - £60 per hour depending on the novelty or demands of the work, and amount of bespoke preparation needed to develop and complete it. All costs and timescales will be fully discussed and agreed, in advance.

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