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Conflicts of Interest

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Occasionally on account of our Local Authority roles in the area in which we live and work, there may be a professional conflict of interest. This means that during our independent work with your child, our decisions and/or position could unduly influence the outcomes of local authority processes and professionals that we work with. There may be rare occasions when we cannot justify our involvement because of this. 

To ensure there is no conflict of interest, we will review the involvement of other professionals, and whether their involvement is 'direct' (i.e. professionals with whom we closely or directly work) or indirect (i.e. more distant colleagues in e.g. Health or Social Care). As situations progress, we may have to step aside to remove potential conflicts of interest, as necessary. In this case, your child remains supported, but by the local authority professional taking over and we will hand over all available information to support the transition, at that time.